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#ribbonsforukraine is an initiative by PIY RIBBONS

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Ukraine needs your help

On February 24th, the situation in Ukraine escalated and in just a few days time, hundreds of people have been killed or injured. Hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians fled to Poland and other neighbouring countries. The material damage is extensive and many displaced women and children are left alone after a state of emergency was declared and men between the ages of 18 and 60 must stay to fight. This could lead to a humanitarian catastrophe for 44 million Ukrainians.

11 aid organisations joined forces under the name of Giro555 to help the people of Ukraine. These organisations - either present in the area themselves or through local partners - provide refugees with shelter, water, food and medical care, as well as psychosocial help to help them process traumatic experiences. Additionally, they are looking to provide the Ukrainian children with emergency education.

Read more about Giro555

Show your support for Ukraine with a satin ribbon

To support the organisations of Giro555 in their mission, PIY RIBBONS offers satin ribbons coloured in the Ukrainian flag in return for your donations. You will receive a set of two ribbons - one blue, one yellow - with our hashtag printed on it. You can wear these as a wristband or you can attach them to, for example, a backpack.

The net amount raised from our satin ribbons will be donated to Giro555.

Donate €7,50 & receive a set of ribbons OR donate directly


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